Fully Guide Sleeve


1075 in stock (can be backordered)

Orientation mark on top surface
Glue groove

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Sleeve Name Order Number
3DBTS_d41L35 Tru Sleeve Nobel NP compatible
3DBTS_d50L35 Tru Sleeve Nobel RP compatible
3DBTS_d62L35 Tru Sleeve Nobel WP compatible
3DBTS_d50L5 Tru Sleeve Straumann Compatible
3DBTS_d43L6 Tru Sleeve BioHorizon Yellow compatible
3DBTS_d51L6 Tru Sleeve BioHorizon Green compatible
3DBTS_d63L6 Tru Sleeve BioHorizon Blue compatible
3DBTS_d42L4 Tru Sleeve Zimmer 3.7 Compatible
3DBTS_d531L4 Tru Sleeve Zimmer 4.1/4.7 Compatible
3DBTS_d46L4 Tru Sleeve Astra EV 4.2 Compatible
3DBTS_d52L4 Tru Sleeve Astra EV 4.8 Compatible

Additional information

Weight 0.08 oz
Dimensions 0.3 × 2.5 × 3.5 in

Tru Sleeve Nobel NP compatible/NeoBiotech Narrow Compatible(3DBTS_d41L35), Tru Sleeve Nobel RP compatible/Osstem Compatible_d5.0/Hiossen Compatible_d5.0/Megazen Compatible(3DBTS_d50L35), Tru Sleeve Nobel WP compatible(3DBTS_d62L35), Tru Sleeve Straumann Compatible(3DBTS_d50L5), Tru Sleeve BioHorizon Yellow compatible(3DBTS_d43L6), Tru Sleeve BioHorizon Green compatible(3DBTS_d51L6), Tru Sleeve BioHorizon Blue compatible(3DBTS_d63L6), Tru Sleeve Zimmer 3.7 Compatible(3DBTS_d42L4), Tru Sleeve Zimmer 4.1/4.7 Compatible(3DBTS_d531L4), Tru Sleeve Astra EV 4.2 Compatible(3DBTS_d46L4), Tru Sleeve Astra EV 4.8 Compatible(3DBTS_d52L4)


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